Welcome to QNewsletter Creator

QNewsletter Creator is a free and open source Business Email Client.

That means: QNewsletterCreator is a program to manage your newsletters and recipients thereof. Since it is written with the GUI-infterface toolkot Qt, it is platform independent. The newsletter can consist of both html or plain-text or even multipart.

The Client for business Mass Mails is the QNewsletter Creator.

We have an email Client for private usage as well: Nuntius Leo - Creator. NL (= Nuntius Leo) Creator is the Mail client, for private Emails.

Both are hosted at http://NLcreator.sf.net.

Link to the personal Email Client:

You need a Mass-Mailer for your Business?

QNewsletter Creator allows to send Mass-Mails to all your customers or members of your oganization.


Screenshot: Main View of QNewsletter Creator. You can edit easily Mass-Mails with the User Interface.

QNewsletter Creator is a business Email Client to send Mass Mail to customers.

Business Email Client (Sending mass Mails)

QNewsletter Creator is a business Email Client to send Mass Mail to customers.

You need a Personal Email Client?

QNewsletter Creator is for business purposes -If you need a personal Email Client to communicate to your friends: we have the Nuntius LeoCreator Email Client for you. More…

Want a Qt-messenger and Qt-Email Client?

Why should you send to friends an Email, if you can talk or message them instant online? For that purpose we combine Email and Instant Messsages. Nuntius Leo Creator is the Plugin for the serverless Instant Messenger Retroshare. You can mail and message your friends very easily. More…

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