Welcome to "Nuntius Leo"

Nuntius Leo is a free and open source Email client without any advertisements. It is written in c++ with a Qt User Interface. The main function is to provide a very simple email client for the serverless Instant Messenger Retroshare and soon as well for the Dooble Web Browser. We discuss though an own release of the client.

The Lion of the Messages or E-Mail clients might be the right translation of the latin words Nuntius Leo. Or just say: I mail with "Leo". Nuntius Leo - Creator.

NL (= Nuntius Leo) Creator is the Mail client, which is hosted by Sourceforge. We have a Client, which is for personal usesage, that is called Nuntius Leo Creator.

The Client for business Mass Mails is the QNewsletter Creator.

Both are hosted at http://NLcreator.sf.net.

Nuntius Leo is a Qt-Email client mainly working as a plugin for Retroshare:

Online & Offline Communication

Nuntius Leo Creator brings online and offline communication together. The serverless Instant Messenger Retrosahre.sf.net and the Qt-Email-Client code perfectly integrate into a simple E-Mail-Interface for the Instant Messenger. This secure mail from Retroshare, so called PGP-Mail to friends, together with normal public email from any POP3-Account combines bublic and private email and even more: it brings online and offline communication into one melting pot: Retroshare Communication. Instant Messages and Email allow to rech friends, when they are available: Online for instant connection or Offline for delayed reading.

Table of Development

Date Version Description
December 1, 2007 V. 0.11 Sending Email has been completed
planned soon V. 0.12 currently we are coding in the retrieve @Mail function from POP3
planned soon V. 0.13 Making the Plugin for Retroshare: bringing PGP-Mail-Messages and @-Mail in Retroshare together. Either as a plugin or integrated.
planned soon, full integration V. 0.14 Release of the first Qt Email client, which works standalone.

Personal Email Client

Nuntius Leo Creator is a personal Email Client like Outlook or Thunderbird.

First Qt-Email-Client

Nuntius Leo is the first Email client for all platforms written with a Qt-User-Interface.

Bringing Email and Instant Messages together

Nuntius Leo Creator has been mainly designed to work as a plugin for the serverless Instant Messenger Retroshare. You can install and plug in Nuntius Leo into Retroshare and have POP3-Email in your Messenger to read and write. See the Plugin-Page for further details.

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